We know you're asking yourself just one simple question right now...

"Who The Hell Is Passionate Ben
And Why Do You Even Care?"


W graphichere do we start about who Passionate Ben is? 


Little family background on Ben. He has no brothers or sisters, and he was raised by a single mom. Ben has never seen his father that he remembers; his parents divorced when Ben was around one. Ben's Grandpa suddenly died in March, 2006, and his Grandma died of cancer in 1993.

Ben's a total mind numbing workaholic. (I can totally vouch for that!) He works on average 100-120 hours a week running Guy working on the computer graphic multiple businesses that he owns or partners in! Not to mention the newly launched online talk radio show for women only, and the hundreds of emails he replies back to from women around the world every week.

Ben loves to travel - especially to different countries. He loves to go to the best parties & events in the world such as The Indy 500, Mardi Gras, and The Kentucky Derby in May, 2006. He loves to play sand volleyball, workout, read and learn constantly (A few years ago he was actually reading 2-3 books a week on average, not the cliff note versions or small 100 page books either!) Stack of books graphicand researching everything & anything on the internet (Totally, obsessively addicted he admits!).

Ben also has a burning LOVE for working with kids. He was in Big Brother/Big Sister type program for years when he lived in Minnesota. His goal (one of his like billion, I swear! LOL!) is to start his own Children's Foundation called The Smiley Girl Foundation, in the next few years for abused and terminally ill children living in the Austin, TX area. 

They (Who the heck are "They" anyways?) say we're suppose to show you now a family picture or maybe a cute baby picture of Ben that's supposed to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling about him. I can assure you 100%, we would never resort to such heart string pulling tactics to use on you...triple pinky-swear promise!

Baby Picture with puppy

"Ok, we lied. LOL! But come on, how much of a cutie putie was Benji.

We could also tell you that Ben is a TOTAL adrenaline junkie that tries to live his life to the fullest in both his personal and professional life. Because of that attitude and belief, Ben constantly challenges himself and other people daily from around the world!

What do we call an adrenaline rush?

Well, Ben skydives, bunjee jumps, shark dives (Scuba dives with sharks in the open ocean. Yes, on purpose!), whitewater rafts, and tries to help people achieve everything they want in their life and relationships. (That's the biggest rush in Ben's life by far, he says!)

Don't believe us? (I can't really blame you after the whole baby picture white lie scandal we already told you!)

Well, here's some picture PROOF for you, then!

shark diving picture

"Shark diving with about 80 Caribbean Reef Sharks! Guess who's
taking this picture? Ben!

Skydiving Picture

"Ben's first skydive!

Bunjee Jumping picture

"Ben's first Bunjee Jump!"

Believe us now?

If you think this stuff Ben does is crazy and challenging, you ain't seen nothin'! You should see the crazy, controverisal, raw, honest, direct, and challenging things that Ben says and writes on his now infamous blogs, online talk radio show, mass published online articles, and future published books.

Make's shark diving look boring and unchallenging!

"Many people know so little about what is beyond their short range of experience. They look within themselves - and find nothing! Therefore, they conclude that there is nothing outside themselves either." - Helen Keller

Enough about Ben, though!

Let me guess. You're thinking, how the heck can this Passionate Ben character actually help ME (Man or Woman) get what I want in my life and in relationships online?

Everything else is just blah...blah...blah crap and hype, right?

Ben is currently finalizing over 3 1/2 years of intense online dating research  he was on over 30 different online dating sites (Actually it's was 35; but, no joke, he can't even remember all the dating sites anymore!)

All of this to write the definitive book on online dating for guys called, "The Online Dating Bible, Guys Stop Being A Moron And Just Buy This Book Already!" And another book about being romantic and a gentleman called, "Romance for Dummies," A Guys Guide to Being Romantic and A Gentleman In The 21st Century."

(Please note: There's a very good chance both book titles will change depending on editors and the publishing house.)

To give you some perspective on how much unmatched experience, expertise, research, and knowledge Ben has on the subject of online dating, the #1 selling online dating book to date in the world (won't be for too long!), the guy actually stated in his book he had only been on 7 online dating sites and interacted with just 250 women!

Note: All of these women lived in the United States, too!

Curving Drop Shadowed Arrow GraphicPassionate Ben, on the other hand, has interacted with women in over 35 different countries and personally viewed literally hundreds of thousands of men and women's profiles, and talked 1 on 1 via email, instant chat, webcam, phone, and in person with literally thousands of women around the world.

Passionate Ben's worldwide audience has virtually no boundaries. As of 4/1/07 he has women subscribers to either his online talk radio show or blog in over 30 different countries and almost every state/province in the US/Canada.

His demographics go from 18 to 71 year old women, married, single, attached, divorced, straight, bisexual, women with kids, women with no kids, stay-at-home moms, models, authors, business professionals, actresses, singers, musicians, teachers, most every race and nationality.

As Ben always says,

"Women are Women, no matter where they live in the world!"

The reasons Ben thinks his message has been so well received globally by women is he's not old like most dating/relationship experts (not too old anyways), fat or out of shape (not yet anyways!), bald (he still has most of his hair!), book-taught about relationships or online dating (Only experience and years of real online research), doesn't teach or talk about theories (i.e. Almost every Dr. fill in the name or so called dating/online dating guru) or married for decades like most experts/authors! (He's actually neck deep in the online dating game not on the sidelines giving you advice like most all the current talk show gurus or authors on relationships, dating, and online dating.)  


"Now, don't you wish you knew what Ben discovered about both sexes online? Sorry, you'll just have to wait patiently for the future books and cds!"

Yellow Hourglass Graphic


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