What if a rare gene that throughout history was for women only
was inserted into an unsuspecting man by mistake...

   "God royally screws up...he accidently puts the for women only "Oprah Gene" that was supposed to be given to Oprah Winfrey herself into a straight, single, tattooed, pierced, swears like a sailor, Jack Daniels drinking Texas man; now women in over 27 countries that subscribe to his online radio show and infamous blogs swear on a stack of bibles that maybe for the first time in history, a man truly gets the pure essence of a woman.."



From: Passionate Ben
Austin, TX USA 
11:36pm Tuesday

W graphichat if YOU could create the PERFECT (close to anways) online man for you to meet someday?

Do I have your attention now ladies?

What pictures would you want him to have on his profile? What would you want him to say about himself? What would you want him to say he was looking for in a woman? What would you want his first email to be like to you; and how would you want him to treat you online while you get to know each other better?

Would you be interested in creating such a man?

How about becoming a mad, online dating scientist's assistant with me? 

Yes, that would make you Igor! LOL!

Let me guess...

Big check mark box with arrow graphic Are you sick of guys emailing you disgusting d*ck pictures? (Hell, I am a straight guy. I don't even want to look at my penis any more than I have to! LOL!)


Big check mark box with arrow graphic Are you sick of getting rude, crude, mean, hateful, gross, disgusting, perverted, tasteless, moronic, and retarded emails from most guys online?


Big check mark box with arrow graphic Are you sick of guys ASSUMING everything about you and that they know you from your pictures and profile? (You have some provocative and sexy pictures of yourself up (Thank you by the way! LOL!), so naturally guys think you must be an easy slut with no morals or brains, right? Eeek...LOL!)


Big check mark box with arrow graphic Are you sick of guys only thinking SEX SEX SEX?


Big check mark box with arrow graphicAre you sick of reading shallow, short, boring, uncreative, and unintelligent profiles of guys online?


Big check mark box with arrow graphicAre you sick of seeing macho/meat head guys doing bodybuilder poses for you on their profile pictures? (Flexing was cute for guys in front of women when they were like 5 years old! LOL!)

Big check mark box with arrow graphicAre you sick of guys asking 'do you have a webcam' right away; asking for your phone number or instant chat ID like in their first couple of emails to you? (First sign a guy cares about getting just one thing from you? Hint, it ain't cooking recipes! LOL!)


Big check mark box with arrow graphicAre you sick of guys asking you, “Can you send me some nudes” or “Wanna trade nudes? (Do they think your profile is a porn website or what? LOL!)


Let’s be totally honest right now with each other, ok?


Are you simply just sick and tired of guys online...period?


Sighhhhhhh...That's what I thought, sweetie.


Were you actually praying Praying Hands Graphicguys online would have more...

- Class

- Sense of style

- Be more mature

- Have better manners

- Intelligence

- Wit

- Open mindness

- Depth of character

- Of a sense of humor

  ...and have some type of clue of what you really want and need (unlike the bar/night club/gym guys you have dated, married, and hooked up with in the past!)


Isn't that the REAL reason you have a profile up on a dating site or a social networking site like Myspace?


The possibility and chance of finding a man online that you will never find or haven't found yet in the offline meat market world that we all live in?


Were you looking to get one of these someday...Diamond Ring Graphic


Just Married Couple Cartoon Graphicor maybe find your online prince and get married... 



Then WHAMMO!!!!!


Reality hit you like a ton of freaking bricks in the face once you got your first d*ck picture sent to you by some random guy, right?


Count yourself lucky if you haven't gotten one yet! LOL!


Or maybe you got your first email recently that said something like the email example below.


From: sean
Date: May 23, 2006 11:02 PM

hey baby. i just want to let you kno that i wacked off to your pics alot of times and if u became a porn star i would b ur biggest fan.. are u really that much of a freak though? you would have to get dick like literally rammed inside u everyday and shit? and u gotta take nut to the face.. u think u could do that?

(Please note none of the spelling, grammar, and vulgar language has been edited!) 



Or maybe you've run across the mentally and emotionally enlightening male profiles like this one on Myspace...LOL!


Online Dating Profile Screenshot Picture


Online dating reality. It is a bitch; what can I say, ladies! LOL!



 "Did you know...."


Dark Blue Checkmark Box Graphic Online-dating sites raked in $473 million from American customers in 2004, according to Jupiter Research which expected revenue to reach $516 million in 2005.


Dark Blue Checkmark Box Graphic It is estimated that the financial growth of online dating will reach $642 million in 2008. (Source: Jupiter Research)

Dark Blue Checkmark Box Graphic 44 percent of adult Americans are single according to U.S. Census figures.


Dark Blue Checkmark Box Graphic This means there are over 100 million unattached folks out there in the U.S. alone!



"Think you'll find love while perched on a barstool?"


Think again....


Dark Blue Checkmark Box Graphic Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men say they've found a relationship at a bar or club.


Dark Blue Checkmark Box Graphic 40 million Americans use online dating services; that's about 40 percent of our entire U.S. single-people pool.


Dark Blue Checkmark Box Graphic The recent dating statistics show that online dating services have helped over 7 million registered users a year. 48% of men and 53% of American women have used services of various dating agencies. 


Dark Blue Checkmark Box Graphic Last year, online dating generated $540 million in revenue and almost 20 million of America’s 98 million singles had clicked through personal ads in search of finding their special someone, said Dan Cohen the founder and CEO of AnimalAttraction.com. "While growth in the industry has slowed from the boom years when the market was doubling and tripling each year, it is still expanding and by 2008, online dating should generate $717 million in revenue," Cohen said.


Dark Blue Checkmark Box Graphic Myspace was purchased for $580 million dollars by Fox News Corp. in 2005, and in August, 2006 sold advertising/search engine rights to Google for the next 3 years worth $900 MILLION DOLLARS!


Online dating and social networking sites are now BIG CASH MONEY!!!


Roll of Cash Graphic

The problem is the online dating websites make their hundrends of millions a year  off you ladies, regardless of whether your online dating experience was amazing or positively awful!


How do you women have better experiences with online dating?


Well, you have to fix and change the source - GUYS!


My reasoning is simple. I will use an example to illustrate my point.


Drugs in the U.S. or worldwide are a huge problem, right? We all see drug crap in the news or newspapers every day.


The big debate every country has is "Should they spend more money on treatment or on drug deterrence measures?"


In my opinion, neither is ever going to work!




Because those are the after effects, not the root cause.


The cause is people WANT to buy and take the drugs; they want the drugs because of all the issues, stress, or problems they have in their life. You focus on making people more healthy, I guarantee the drug problems around the world will come to a screeching halt.


No demand for it, no supply.


This isn't rocket science, politicians! LOL!


Same goes for online dating.


Most every online dating site now is putting on retainer some PH.D type and putting their picture up on their website touting how they can match you up with the perfect person or your soulmate. Or you fill out hundreds of questions and a computer magically matches you up with the "ONE".


That's all fine and dandy.


But that is the effect, not the root problem of online dating currently as I see it.


The problem is that guys (not all, just the vast majority) don't know how to act toward women or treat women online (or offline for that matter, but that's another book in itself! LOL!).


So, let's say you get matched up by a computer with some guy based on certain criteria they meet.


But, if those guys started talking sex right away with you, sending you d*ck pictures, are just plain cruel and mean, or when you finally go visit their profile, they don't have the education on how to get across in their profile and pictures who they really are to you.


Then you're never going to be interested enough in that guy, and say bye bye to them all!


Beaners -R - US
Date: Sep 16, 2005 2:25 PM
Subject: about your life

 you indeed have to be the fattest fuck thats a whore i have ever seen in my entire life, why would you wanna show off skin? i mean really the only things that would jack off to you are blue whales, hippos, and elephants( the largest land mammal) but then again you'd make them look small, do you ever think about killing yourself, you are a very easy target for suicide bombers from 5 miles into the sky.i bet you have gotten laid before, but then the people you scored with all died from too much wait you put on their bones cuz u had to be on top, my advice to you, pour gasoline all over your body, and burn yourself alive, have you ever checked under your roles? i bet theres missing children under there, or by this time they would already be part of your cottage cheese factory that u store under there. when you go to sea world, do they ever ask you how blue whales walk on the ground? okay well i'm fuckin done here, have a fucked up life , but before i hit set, i want to tell you, your not candy, you should be food for africa, with all that fat, you could end ethiopian's hunger!!!

(Please note none of the spelling, grammar, and vulgar language has been edited!) 


Thus by guys' actions online it makes most women online jaded, skeptical, mean, apprehensive, distant, confused, negative, pessimistic, bitter, and utterly disgusted by guys online.


You have the clueless ones (guys) hitting on the jaded ones (ladies), the outcome...


Can you say, TRAINWRECK!!!!!




It's not a pretty thing to see, believe me on this.


After about the hundreth email you get from women crying their eyes out to you or swearing profusely they hate men (I wish I were kidding, but I'm not!) you discover there may be a small problem going on that no one wants to really address.


Ok, Ben that's sounds great, but what makes you such an authority on online dating? How can you help me do something about this trainwreck I call online dating?


For starters, here is just some of the online dating and social networking sites I'm on currently, or have been on over the last 2 1/2 years...


Handwritten Arrow Graphic sexsearch.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic adultfriendfinder.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic alt.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic collarme.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic hotmatchup.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic date.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic match.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic americansingles.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic one2onematch.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic personals.yahoo.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic myspace.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic eroticy.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic eharmony.com (They rejected my ass. No kidding, because I'm too hard to match up they said! LOL!)
Handwritten Arrow Graphic lavalife.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic udate.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic greatboyfriends/girlfriends.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic passion.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic dreammates.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic cupid.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic tagworld.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic iwantu.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic true.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic LustyDesires.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic amateurmatch.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic Matchmaker.com
Handwritten Arrow Graphic alt.iwantu.com 


Over 35 online dating sites I have been on (27 I can remember! LOL!), over 2 ½ years of intense research, and viewed easily over 250,000 different men and women’s profiles…from a man that lived it (still living it), breathed it, loved it, swears by it, and at times hated online dating with a bloody passion!


So, armed with my knowledge, experience, and research I'm on a mission for women from Oprah (She's much more powerful than God; let's be honest!! LOL!), to gain endless amounts of data, research, and examples to help my poor brothers actually understand just what a woman wants from a man online.


Remember if you fix the root problem, you can fix the problem.


This will be the end-all, be-all book on online dating for guys from A-Z…


NO theories…


NO guesses…


NO maybe’s…


NO what if’s…


NO book smart reading...


NO married-for-20 years PH.D types telling you what he or she has learned in school or in some psychology book about online dating…


ACTUAL street smart, common sense, practical, NO bull sh*t input, feedback, and proof from tens of thousands of women around the world from skinny to BBW women (Big Beautiful Women - FYI that's the phrase they like to be called) from porn stars, strippers, models, single moms, divorced women, 18-71 year olds, bisexual to straight women, tall to short women, atheists, religious fanatics, goth, tattooed, democrats, republicans, blondes, brunettes, redheads, or black haired raven women!


"My job is simply to bridge the gap between
the sexes online...Otherwise, the human species may become extinct
very soon with the way online dating is going! LOL!"


Bridge over a creek graphic

All I ask is from you is your help, fair enough?


So, if you're truly sick of getting these types of emails...


From: Tim
Date: Jun 1, 2006 9:10 PM

I won't attempt to disrespect you, you do a good enough job disrespecting yourself already! Leave a little more to the imagination. You're profile, as it is, is clearly perceived as HOOCHI! And you will attract all the bottom feeders. If you are not a HOE...modify you're profile to a more modest theme. This is good advice but based on your Potty Mouth I doubt you will recognize it as so. God bless you, He has a purpose for your life


From: S
Date: Jun 21, 2006 12:09 PM

hey sexy gotany r rated pics

(Please note none of the spelling, grammar, and vulgar language have been edited!) 



Then start doing something about it already!


I need examples, stories, testimonials, anything and everything you can send me to help guys eventually become the men of YOUR dreams online.


Go here to leave me an example of a sad, sick, perverted, gross, moronic, stupid email a guy has sent you online. (Send me hundreds if you have them, no kidding!)


Go here to leave me a testimonial (that guys will read) if you have listened to my online radio show, read my blogs, or got personal 1 on 1 advice from me via email. Tell guys why the hell they should listen to me on how to treat you or why they should ever buy my book.


Go here to join the secret women's society at the Angel Forum, where you can interact with open-minded and positive women from around the world on topics from abuse, being married, dating, starting your own business, being a writer or author, or any other topic.


(What's your question or experience with online dating?)


Enter Your First Name:
Enter Your Last Name:
Enter Your Email Address:

Thank you so much for your time and help on my mission. (Remember it's for Oprah! LOL!) I truly look forward to your feedback, stories, and examples. I'm also here to help you any way I can, so please don't hesitate.


I'm always just an email away, 24 hours a day.


Anything for the Angels Of The Universe! : )



 Passionate Ben Picture

Passionate Ben Handwritten Signature Graphic



P.S. Make sure you tell all your women friends that are online dating or simply online to meet and talk with interesting people about this website and Angel Forum. There is great power and effect you can have on the world with large numbers, ladies.


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